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Terms & Conditions

Upon purchasing a package from the AusCraft online store, you agree to the following:

Terms of Service:

  • Abusing any purchased perks/commands will result in your package being revoked from your account.
  • Abusing other players (mentally or physically) using a purchased package is strictly against our rules and will result in your package being revoked from your account and possibly a ban from all servers.
  • Items gained through purchases on the store may be given away, but CANNOT be sold for any kind of profit.
  • You will not force a chargeback, create a dispute, or reverse any payments.
  • By purchasing on the AusCraft store you hereby agree are over the are of 18 OR have the cardholder's permission.
  • Breaking our Terms of Service will revoke your right to a refund. This will be aggressively defended.

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds can be requested through contacting an Admin via a direct message on our forums (https://auscraft.net/forums)
  • Refunds will only be given on the first request if the request holds legitimacy, any further request for a refund will be rejected.
  • Timed perks, commands and/or packages may only be refunded if requested within the first quarter (1/4) of the packages duration.
  • Time lost on timed perks, commands and/or packages will not be refunded if the time was lost due to actions which resulted in a Temporary or Permanent Ban on your account.
  • In case of consumable goods (eg: in-game currency) a refund can only be given if you have the┬ápurchased item/currency unused and available to be revoked from your account.
  • Forcing a Chargeback or Paypal Claim/Dispute will result in a ban from all servers until the case is dropped.